Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the SRYBL philosophy?

The SRYBL is recreationally based basketball league where the emphasis is placed on skill, social development and FUN, rather than winning. All players, regardless of ability, will be giving equal playing time each game for which they are present. Statistics and records are not kept and there are no playoffs or tournaments.

Does my child need to have prior experience with basketball?

No previous experience is necessary! Since the league’s focus is on skill development and FUN, all kids, regardless of their experience, are welcome in the league!

I’d like to volunteer to coach, what do I need to do?

Volunteering to coach is easy and a great experience. There are a few requirements for coaching:

  1. Complete a volunteer application.

  1. Background Check
  2. Review the Volunteer Coaches Handbooks and Practice Plans.
  3. Complete an on-site coaches training program which includes Mandated Reporter, concussion and sport specific

skill training.

All interested coaches for the SRYBL should contact Brent Wyse at bwyse@srybl.com or 925.451.5888. There will be a mandatory coaches’ meetings that potential coaches should plan on attending in December 19th (5:30

– 8:30 PM).

If you’re interested in coaching, but you have work constraints, etc, that’s OK; we should be able to work around it. If you’re interested in coaching multiple teams, we can definitely make that work too!

When can I register and when is the registration deadline?

The league participant registration opens on Monday, October 28. Participant registration will continue until filled OR until the registration deadline on Thursday, December 12, whichever comes first. The league is very popular, so register early!

When is the last day to request a refund?

The last day to request a refund is Thursday, December 12.

What size ball does each group use?

Grades 3-5 BOYS: Women’s Size (28.5 inches)

Grades 6-12 BOYS: Men’s Size (29.5 inches)

Grades 3-12 GIRLS: Women’s Size (28.5 inches)

What is the height of the basketball hoop?

Grade 3 BOYS: 9 feet

Grade 3-4 GIRLS: 9 feet

Grades 4-12 BOYS: 10 feet

Grades 5-12 GIRLS: 10 feet

When are practices?

Begin the week of January 3.

League Specific Questions

What are the Skills Observations?

The Skills Observations is an opportunity for league staff to run the players through different drills and skills to gain a better understanding of each child’s skill set. These observation days are very important to the league, the participants, and the parents for the following reasons: 1) In order to make the teams as equal as possible we must evaluate all the players' skills, and 2) this is when we can get an accurate jersey size for the participants. Attendance at the Skills Observation is mandatory.

When are the Skills Observations?

Pine Valley Community Gym, 3000 Pine Valley Rd. Sunday, December 15 and a make-up on Tuesday, December 17

Sunday December 15th Observation Schedule:

3rd Grade Boys (9:00 – 9:45 PM)

4th Grade Boys (9:45 – 10:30 PM)

5th Grade Boys (10:30 – 11:15 PM)

6th Grade Boys (11:15 – 12:00 PM)

7th Grade Boys (12:00 – 12:45 PM)

8th Grade Boys (12:45 – 1:30 PM)

3rd – 6th Grade Girls (1:30 – 2:30 PM)

7th – 12th Grade Girls (2:30 – 3:30 PM)

9th – 12th Grade Boys (3:30 – 5:00 PM)

Tuesday December 17th Observation Make-Up Schedule:

3rd – 8th Grades Boys (6:00 – 7:00 PM)

3rd – 8th Grade Girls (7:00 – 8:00 PM)

9th – 12th Grade Boys & Girls (8:00 – 9:00 PM)

Participants can show up at any time within their division's time frame. With check-in and participation, the overall process should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

What if my child cannot attend on the scheduled days?

Each child’s attendance is required at the Skills Observation. If you have issues with the scheduled days/times, please contact Ken Williams at kwilliams@srybl.com.

Are there equipment requirements for league and skills observation?

All players should come prepared to play wearing athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes. No cleats, sandals, flip flops, etc will be allowed. The league will provide 2 balls per team. If you wish to bring your own ball, please make sure to write your name and phone number on it using permanent marker. Please do not bring a basketball to the Skills Observation.

Where can I find the league rulebook?

The league rulebook will be posted on the SRYBL website at www.srybl.com. The league rulebook will be included in the league packet, as well.

Game & Practice Information

When will I receive the game and practice schedule, team roster, etc?

After the teams are created and coaches have chosen team names and practice times, information will be inputted to the Team Sideline site for each individual team. We will email the league to notify all parents that a request from Team Sideline will be sent to join their son or daughters team page. We list the practice day and time along with the game schedule for each team on the Team Sideline Team Pages under the Events section for your team. The League rulebook will be posted on the SRYBL.com site along with the main Team Sideline SRYBL site. All information will be emailed on Monday, December 30th. LEAGUE PACKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED. Please make sure that your email address on file is correct by calling the Community Center at (925) 973-3200.

How many players per team?

Every team in each division will have approximately the same number of players. No team will have more than 10 players and no less than 5 players.

When are the practices? Are these held throughout the season?

The league practices will begin the week of January 6th for Grades 3-12. Each team will practice one evening a week for approximately 1 hour. The time, location and day for practices will vary depending on the coach’s schedule. The practice day, time and location will remain the same throughout the entire season. The practice information will be posted on each individual teams SRYBL Team Sideline page. The practices will continue as scheduled throughout the seasons are you are encouraged to attend. The time listed on the schedule is the time the practice starts, please be there on time. All courts will be occupied so please do not show early expecting to shoot-around before practices.

Where are the practices?

The practices will be held at Iron Horse Gym or Pine Valley Gym. The practice information will be listed on the Team Sideline SRYBL site under your teams page.

When are the games?

The 2020 SRYBL games begin on Saturday, January 11 and will continue for 8 weeks of Games. There are no games Presidents Day Weekend. The last game is scheduled for Saturday, March 7. The game schedule with dates and times will be included in the league packet AND will be posted on the Team Sideline SRYBL site and will the schedule will be specific for each Teams Home Page on the Team Sideline SRYBL site.

What time are my games?

The game times will be listed on your Team Page under the events section. If you have any questions about game time or gameday experience please email brent@srybl.com.

Where are the games?

Pine Valley Gym and Iron Horse Gym.

The game schedule with dates, times, and location will be included in the league packet email.

Can there be practices, meetings, parties outside of the scheduled ones by the SRYBL?

In an effort to keep all players and teams on a level playing field, no team is allowed to meet outside of their normally scheduled practice and game times. No practices, meeting or parties are allowed.

Miscellaneous Questions

How are the teams created?

The league administrators do their best to create all teams as evenly as possible based on the assessment of the players at the Skills Observation. While we understand no system is fool-proof, all attempts are made to evenly balance the teams. Each child is ranked on a scale, 1-5, each child’s height is taken, as well as we have the player’s Grade. The effort is made to have equal amounts of ages, heights and rankings on each team. All rankings are averaged per team with all teams being within .2 of each other.

When will I receive the uniform?

The uniforms will be distributed no later than the first week of games. The league administrators will do their very best to get the jerseys as soon as possible; however, that is not always feasible. These will be kept by the players at the conclusion of the season

Can I get the email addresses for the other players on my team?

Contact information will be private until each individual parent registers their son or daughter for their Specific team pages. We encourage all families to include all important email addresses as the Team Sideline site sends out practice and game reminders before each event.

When is the end of season celebration and what is it?

The end of season celebration will take place following the last game of the season on March 7th. More details regarding the celebration will be provided during the season.

When is Picture Day and where is it held?

The Youth Hoops picture day will be held on Saturday, February 1, at the Alcosta Senior and Community Center and the Time will be TBD.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

For any additional questions not included, please contact Brent Wyse at bwyse@srybl.com or 925.451.5888 or Ken Williams at kwilliams@srybl.com.

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